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The Microsoft SharePoint Learning Management Solution SharePointLMS sets standards in the area of learner administration. The softwares smooth integration in present SharePoint environments significantly abbreviates the implementation process. When using SharePointLMS, you will experience improvements in your daily training routine: Take the opportunity to design your individual trainings with minimal administrative effort for your online courses.

Import and Export of Learning Contents...

SharePointLMS import and export features allow you to exchange complete course datasets. Due to the softwares SCORM compatibility, you can easily embed e-learning content from various platforms or authoring tools.  


Smooth Implementation...

SharePointLMS can be easily embedded in Microsoft SharePoint the software will be ready for use within less than a day.


High User Acceptance...

The SharePointLMS user interface is based on Microsoft SharePoint the familiar workspace allows a short period of vocational adjustment.


Achieving Learning Goals...

From course creation to learning process monitoring SharePointLMS is the holistic approach to optimize your professional trainings.